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Coco Pops Gluten Free cereal launches at Coles across Australia

Coco Pops Gluten Free

Kellogg’s Australia have launched a new gluten free cereal – Coco Pops Gluten Free cereal. 

The new Coco Pops Gluten Free cereal combines gluten free grains of puffed rice with cocoa for the burst of chocolate deliciousness, the new cereal is sure to satisfy chocolate and treat lovers across the nation. 

With uncompromised taste, Coco Pops Gluten Free follows the launch of Sultana Bran Gluten Free cereal earlier in the year. Coeliacs and gluten sensitive customers will love the new Coco Pops Gluten Free – crunchy, gluten free grains of puffed rice with cocoa that look and taste just as good as the original Coco Pops. 

With over a third, or 36 per cent, of Australians seeking gluten free products, Kellogg’s Australia offers gluten free versions of Coco Pops and Sultana Bran cereals which are endorsed by Coeliac Australia. 

“We continue to see an increasing number of Australian’s, not just coeliacs, seeking gluten free choices where they don’t have to compromise on taste,” Kellogg’s senior marketing lead Dan Bitti said. 

“To meet the needs of all Australians, we have looked at our favourite brands and created gluten free versions of Coco Pops and Sultana Bran Gluten Free, ensuring that taste is no compromise when eating gluten free.  

“Whether you’re looking for a high-fibre cereal or simply want to enjoy a chocolatey taste, both Sultana Bran and Coco Pops Gluten Free cereals are sure to deliver that great taste you expect,” he said. 

The Kellogg’s Gluten Free range also includes Corn Flakes Gluten Free, Special K Gluten Free and Kellogg’s Gluten Free breakfast biscuits. 

Coco Pops Gluten Free and Sultana Bran Gluten Free is available now at Coles supermarkets. 


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