Coca-Cola Amatil releases sustainable objectives

Under Cocoa-Cola Amatil’s newly announced ‘2020-2040 Sustainability Ambitions’, ten sustainable objectives have been announced in attempt to positively contribute to the communities and markets in which they operate in.

Following on from their ‘2020 Sustainability Goals’ success from 2018 to 2020, Amatil has defined four areas that it will focus its efforts on. This includes net zero water by 2020, consumer wellbeing by 2025, closing the loop on packaging by 2030 and a goal of net zero carbon reduction by 2040.

These goals align with The Coco-Cola Company’s overarching sustainability plans, with a 2030 World Without Waste program and a target of 25 per cent carbon reduction across the board.

Alison Watkins, group managing director of Amatil said, “We’ve made solid progress against our 2020 Sustainability Goals, and through this process and extensive engagement with our many stakeholders, we’ve developed a set of ambitions that have been prioritised based on stakeholder expectations and where Amatil can make the greatest difference.”

Further sustainable ambitions include positive impacts for the communities, diversity, strong brand partnership and more.

These areas come as part of Amatil’s long-term goal of ‘Value Proposition’ which is dedicated to helping its customers, people, partners, consumers and the environment.

“We’re proud of Amatil’s sustainability achievements to date, and this bold new set of sustainability ambitions will challenge us even further to deliver more positive outcomes over the next critically important twenty years,” Watkins said.

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