Coconut growers in the South Pacific get a fair go

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand has brokered an unprecedented partnership investment of $1.14 million to support smallholder coconut growers in Samoa.

The investment partnership, supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Business Partnerships Platform, will expand the opportunities for Samoan coconut cream producers Krissy Co Ltd. and the Savai’i Coconut Farmers Association (SCFA).

The Business Partnerships Platform boosts private sector investments with companies like Krissy Co.

This partnership will enable a two-year project to increase the capacity of the supply chain producing the Fairtrade certified coconut cream Savai’i Popo, scaling up Krissy Co and Fairtrade’s impact in Samoa.

“This partnership will increase the income of smallholder coconut farming households in Samoa, create new jobs, and support the development of new Fairtrade products into Australia and New Zealand markets,” says Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand.

Krissy Co Ltd. and Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, supported by the New Zealand Government, have worked together since 2012 to initiate the development of SCFA, a smallholder farmer business which achieved Fairtrade certification in 2013.

This DFAT support will enable the Krissy Co Fairtrade partnership to scale up the impact achieved so far.

“Together, we have pioneered Samoa’s only certified Fairtrade and organic coconut cream, and have identified opportunities for a new product line with Krissy Co. that will amplify the benefits we’ve already achieved,” says Perise Mulifusi, Board Secretary of SCFA.

The partnership will support the SCFA to develop a new product line of 200-litre sized barrels of 100 per cent Fairtrade and organic coconut cream, ultra-heat treated for export, to meet current demand from the food service sector in Australia, New Zealand and other markets.

“This project alone will create over 26 new jobs for Samoans and increase the income of 200 smallholder coconut farming households on the island of Savai’i in Samoa,” explains Mr Elvis Prasad, Product Development Manager at Krissy Co.

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand will oversee the implementation of project activities, including the improvement of processing facilities, business management support for coconut farmers, a tree replanting pilot programme and contributions to Fairtrade Premium investments addressing community development.

“Helping Samoan farmers to grow their businesses is a vital part of our work in the Pacific. This funding will enable producers to invest in their communities and enhance Samoa’s economic future,” Ms Harriss Olson concludes.
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