Coconut is starting to trend as an ingredient

Mintel coconut

Recently raw coconut lattes have been on the rise, and more and more products are using coconut and its related ingredients in new products around the world.

For example, baked pastries are choosing coconut flour as an alternative to flour to achieve low carb and aid in ketogenic diets.

For plant-based yogurts, coconut-based yogurts have a thick, silky texture, therefore coconut is also used to improve the texture of other plant-based ingredients.

In Chinese consumer research on plant-based dairy products, coconut-based is perceived as a plant-based option that is both ‘tasty’ and ‘natural’.

Among New Launches in Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)

Products containing coconut-related ingredients in the food and beverage category have seen high growth since 2013-14, with the following sub-categories: sweetened cookies/biscuits (13.3 per cent), cold cereal products (9.0 per cent), snack bars/cereal bars/energy bars (7.4 per cent).

Globally, high growth positioning claims over the past rolling 5 years include: plant-based (+559.0 per cent), palm oil-free (+176.0 per cent), low/no/reduced carbs (+146.3 per cent).

GNPD New Products Overview

RTD Coffee

Mary’s Dream RTD Raw Coconut Latte

Made with coconut milk, coconut water and 100 per cent Arabica coffee. With plant-based and lactose-free claims. It has a slight sweetness from coconut and only 4 per cent cane sugar. (Germany)

Bakery & Pastry

Super Zero Mini Cookie

Reduces carbohydrates by 37 per cent and contains only 53 calories per serving. Made with almond flour and coconut flour instead of flour. (China)

Plant-based Yogurt

The Collective Plant-Based Greek Style Yogurt

It features a blend of oats, coconut and rice for a rich and silky texture. (UK)

Ice cream

Denada Caramel Chocolate Ice cream

Claimed to contain 127 calories per serving and low in carbohydrates. Contains coconut cream. (Australia)



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