Coke announces last 50 names to be printed on bottles

After much anticipation – and many, many comments asking for specific names – Coca-cola has released the last 50 names it will be printing on bottles.

The ‘Share A Coke’ campaign, where the company originally printed the 150 most popular names on Coke bottles, experienced unprecedented success across Australia, which inspired the company to not only extend it through Christmas, but also to use social media to decide on an additional 50 names.

Coca-Cola Amatil says the latest extension, which asked consumers to vote for the names they wanted printed via its Facebook page, is “definitely the end.”

The result will see names including Phil, Suz, Wolfgang, Summer and Siobhan and Eden printed on Coke bottles.

“We were blown away when we received more than sixty five thousand nominations and stories from people all over Australia in under a week,” said Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-Cola South Pacific.

“The campaign has elicited such a positive response from consumers and we are thrilled to now announce the 50 new names that Aussies have selected to appear on Coke bottles.”

Image: Facebook "Share a Coke"

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