Coke printing 50 new names on Coke bottles, extending campaign into 2012

Capitalising on the success of its ‘Share a Coke” campaign, Coca-Cola has decided to add another 50 names to those printed on the sides of bottles, and extend the promotion until next year.

The move by the beverage giant, to print the 150 most popular names in Australia on the side of 600ml bottles has taken over social media sites, as everyone is encouraged to “share a coke” with someone they know.

Some Coke fans have been disappointed to be left off the list of names, and since the original story about the marketing campaign was reported on this website, comment sections have been filled with requests for specific names to be added to the list.

The decision of which 50 names should be added to the list will further involve consumers, as the company allows people to nominate and vote on names they want printed on its Facebook page over the next fortnight.

Some may be included in the additional 50 being unveiled by the company, but those with more unusual names are catered for with the road show visiting shopping centres and customising Coke cans.

"Names were chosen to represent a cross section of the Australian population," a Coke spokesperson said.

"We used publicly available data to review the most popular names in Australia and ethnic representation in Australia to ensure the diversity of our multi-cultural nation was represented appropriately."

While the company had high hopes for the campaign, Coca-Cola marketing director Lucie Austin have been shocked by the response.
The campaign was not intended to run beyond Christmas, but following the success of the campaign, Austin said it will continue into 2012.

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