Coke will no longer market to children under 12

Coca-Cola has made a decision to no longer market to children under the age of 12 as part of a push to promote a healthier image and combat the global obesity epidemic.

The Atlanta based soda giant would not specify which countries it currently markets to children in, but said that they aim to encourage physical activity by supporting local programs according to NBC News.

Coca-Cola America’s executive president, Steve Cahillane, said that the company has made a commitment to make lower-calorie options and clear calorie labelling more widely available worldwide.

Cahillane has described the push as; “A global commitment to advance an important agenda around fighting obesity.”

While coke already manufactures a wide range of diet soft drinks in most markets, there is no consistency in their availability, especially in growing markets such as India and China.

Sugary soft drinks are considered to be a main contributor towards rising obesity rates, however Cahillane believes that through education, coke can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

“(Coke) is absolutely part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for many, many people out there,” he said.

“Obviously obesity is a complex problem and requires a solution that brings business, government and civil society together, to not only address calories in, but very importantly to get people on move, inspire them to burn more of those calories.”

Coke said that they aim to have lower calorie options available wherever regular soft drinks are sold, as well as working towards a global initiative for calories to be displayed on the front of all coke labels. 


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