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Coles aiding consumer budgets with April price reductions

Coles has announced it is lowering the price of more than 300 products in store and online to help customers stretch their budgets.

The reduction comes as the cooler months approach and includes a range of hearty dinner time favourites and pantry staples from popular brands.

Coles chief commercial officer, Anna Croft said the supermarket was committed to providing Australian households with value throughout the cooler months to help them save on their weekly shop.

The new price reductions are set to provide additional savings to customers across Coles stores, with the supermarket now offering more than 500 products in total on Down Down pricing throughout April.

“We’ve also reduced the price on a wide selection of household staples including coffee, laundry liquid and canned vegetables to help customers save while stocking up, having more than 500 products on Down Down pricing throughout April in addition to our weekly specials across the store,” said Croft.

According to Coles a recent survey of more than 7,000 Coles customers revealed that 61 per cent have been cooking more at home over the past 12 months.

Additional finding showed 85 per cent of customers surveyed freeze some of the meat they buy from the supermarket and over 26 per cent freeze every meat product they purchase.

“Autumn comes with the comforts of home cooking and to help households save money and cook hearty meals we’ve lowered the price of a range of popular meat cuts for next three months including our much-loved lamb shanks, perfect for the colder weather,” said Croft.

Further to the price reductions customers Coles customers can get even more value from their shop, earning KitchenAid Ovenware credit by using Flybuys.

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