Coles commends Australian businesses for sustainability in 2021 Coles Supplier Awards

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Coles has recognised 15 Australian businesses that are leading the way in areas of sustainability, community, and health innovation as part of the 2021 Coles Supplier Awards.

Businesses such as the family-owned Manildra Group, found in the small town of Manildra in central west NSW, were commended for their commitment to supplying healthier options to customers. Mitolo Family Farms in South Australia was also one of the 15 suppliers recognised for its investment in sustainability which led to a 60-tonne reduction of plastic in packaging.

The Coles Sustainability Strategy, under the Together to Zero and Better Together focus areas, are looking for ways to advance their mission to become Australia’s most sustainable market, according to Coles CEO Steven Cain.

“Coles’ suppliers – and their creative sustainability solutions – are integral to helping us achieve this ambition,” Cain said.

The 2021 Coles Supplier Awards recognised Mars Petcare, which won the Coles Sustainable Supplier of the Year Award for its initiatives to reduce agriculture and land-use-based emissions. Henkel – a supplier of laundry and home-care products – won the Coles Non-Food Supplier of the Year Award and demonstrated the wide range of businesses commended for their work.

Another winner was Rivalea Australia – a pork supplier in Victoria and the Riverina region – which won the Coles Meat Supplier of the Year Award for its collaborative launch of the first-to-market ‘Female Pork’ range in Australia.

Nestlé was also awarded for their working with Coles to explore new possibilities for recyclability and packaging, winning the Coles Grocery Supplier of the Year Award for their range of pantry, confectionery, and cereal products.

“We’re grateful for our long-held partnerships with farmers, producers and suppliers which help drive our purpose to sustainably feed all Australians,” Cain said.

“COVID-19 has certainly proven to be tough on businesses around the country, but it is heartening to see examples of remarkable resilience and passion from suppliers who have continued to achieve amazing feats.”

Sustainability was prioritised in the awards with H&H Asia receiving the Coles Own Brand Supplier Award for its work to remove single-use plastics in its picnic range. Cleanaway, who won the Coles Service Champion of the Year Award, were recognised for their management of waste and progress towards Coles’ goal to remove 85 per cent diversion from landfill by 2025.

Australian Garlic producers – a Mildura-based business – won the Coles Community Champion of the Year Award for its initiatives with the Warrabri Aboriginal Community at Ali Curung in the Northern Territory.

Muscle Nations’ win of the Coles Product Launch of the Year Award for its Custard Protein Bar range recognised Coles’ priority of health. Kimberly Clark Australia was acknowledged for their physical health priorities, consistently supplying tissues and toilet paper during the struggle with COVID-19 in the last two years.

Businesses that supported practicality during the pandemic were also recognised, with Carlton & United Breweries winning the Coles Liquor Supplier of the Year Award for their range of accessible brands. Coca-Cola Euro-pacific Partners and Procter and Gamble improved the shopping experience through simpler online shopping processes and fund-raiser promotions.

Jade Psihogios.

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