Coles expands grass-fed beef range

Customer demand for high quality, grass-fed beef has resulted in a doubling in the number of Aussie farmers required for the national launch of Coles’ grass-fed range at all supermarkets this week.

With Coles’ research revealing 79 per cent of customers want meat that comes from animals raised and fed naturally, Coles is now offering a beef range which comes entirely from cattle that graze freely on grass.

Labelled as Graze, the range has expanded from selected stores in New South Wales and Victoria to all States and Territories in Australia.

Coles Livestock Manager, Steve Rennie, said the popularity of the range had resulted in Coles sourcing beef from more than 300 Australian farming families so customers across Australia could try it.

“Grass-fed beef has long featured on menus at top steak restaurants and now customers can serve up Aussie grass- fed beef on their menus at home,” Rennie said, “Due to the overwhelming response from customers enjoying the quality and flavour, and with many requests for more products, we’ve been working hard to be able to supply this range to more Australians.

“For years we have been focused on providing our customers great quality beef at great prices. We are proud to be the only national supermarket to guarantee no added hormones and provide a grass-fed beef range.”

The Graze program requires all farmers to be independently assessed by industry auditor AUS-MEAT to ensure they are meeting the rigorous standards in animal husbandry and pasture management. Unique to the industry, the Graze program also specifies cattle are never fed grain to supplement their diet even in challenging weather conditions.

The expansion requires sourcing from different locations at different times of the year to suit changing seasons, with farmers across most States now supplying Coles with grass-fed beef.

Available from today, the range features around 10 products including porterhouse, scotch fillet, mince, burgers, sausages, stir fry, as well as meatballs.


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