Coles signs up for Thankyou range

An intensive consumer-driven campaign aimed at convincing the supermarket giants to stock Thankyou products appears to be working, with Coles agreeing to stock the new range.

Thankyou is an Australian social enterprise which donates money from its sales to help fund water, food and hygiene projects in developing nations.

Thankyou, most popular for its bottled water, launched a campaign earlier this month to encourage Coles and Woolworths to stock its range of water, food and body care products.

Ending today, the campaign called on Australians to post on both retailers' Facebook walls, urging them to stock Thankyou products. It also saw two helicopters, each carrying a 30x30m banner, over both Coles' Melbourne headquarters and Woolworths Sydney headquarters.

Throughout the two week campaign, over 13 million people were reached through social media, online traffic and traditional media and thousands of posts, including videos placed on both Coles’ and Woolworths’ Facebook walls from Thankyou fans and celebrities such as Jules Lund, Chrissie Swan, Andrew Gaze, Rebecca Morse, Peter Helliar, Nicole Livingstone and Tim Costello.

Thankyou met with Coles last Friday and the supermarket giant signed up to stock the products just hours later.

Thankyou co-founder and MD Daniel Flynn said "It’s a surreal feeling. We’ve spent over a year developing the range and working on campaign strategy. This whole exercise was a massive risk for us, and it really could have gone either way."

Flynn said he was amazed at the level of support the campaign received.

"It’s been amazing to see thousands of Australians post on both Coles’ and Woolworths’ Facebook pages in support of the Thankyou range. We’ve been blown away by the level of support.

"We set a goal to reach 10,000 views of the campaign video by the end of the campaign and we hit that number within the first day. It’s now had over 70,000 views, which is just huge," he said.

Coles chief operating officer, John Durkan, said stocking the range will not only mean Coles can help raise funds for essential projects in developing countries, but will also be giving Australian consumers access to top quality products.

"We've listened to our customers, who told us they would support the Thankyou range if Coles stocked it. Now they'll have the chance to do just that and make a difference with every product they buy."

Thankyou is meeting with Woolworths tomorrow.

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