Coles slapped with three year ban on bread ads

Following an investigation by the ACCC, Coles Supermarkets will be banned from advertising that its bread was made, or baked on the day that it’s sold for three years.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) launched legal proceedings against Coles in June last year, accusing the supermarket of engaging in deceptive and misleading conduct, relating to the claims on various ‘Cuisine Royale’ and ‘Coles Bakery’ branded bread products.

In his ruling back in June, Federal Court chief justice James Allsop said that claims made by Coles amounted to a misleading representation that the par baked bread products had been baked on the day of sale or baked in a fresh process using fresh not frozen product.

According to The Mercury, Allsop today ruled that the supermarket giant will be banned from promoting its bread as ‘baked today, sold today’ for a three year period. Coles must also inform consumers of the ban and communicate that it was found to have made false, misleading and deceptive representations in relations these products.

Coles still faces fines of up to $3 million over the claims, however the Federal Court has not yet confirmed if it will enforce the penalty.



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