Coles sources hormone-free beef

Coles has said it will begin sourcing only hormone growth promotant (HGP)-free beef from Australian cattle following growing concerns from customers about food additives in meat.

The supermarket chain will be the first national food retailer to sell only HGP-free beef.

“Coles is working with our livestock suppliers to ensure our customers get the best quality fresh food possible,” said Allister Watson, Coles’ General Manager of meat. “The Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system shows that meat quality is significantly better without the use of HGPs.”

Mr Watson said sourcing the new beef would not impact on store prices.

“We’ve agreed with our suppliers that Coles will absorb any additional production costs that arise from moving to HGP-free beef and we’ll ensure that Coles on-shelf beef prices are not affected by this move,” he said.

The Chief Executive of Australian Country Choice David Foote, a major Coles beef supplier based in Queensland, said the move was a positive for customers and a new supply opportunity for cattle producers.

“I applaud Coles for striving to continuously improve the eating quality of Coles beef for its consumers and for working closely with its cattle suppliers to deliver a fair outcome for all parties,” Mr Foote said.

Coles Finest HGP-free beef range is available in selected Coles stores. Coles Butcher beef will be progressively converted to HGP-free in stores from January 2011.

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