Coles supports sow stall free pork

Supermarket giant Coles is taking the lead with its pork suppliers to phase out the use of sow stalls for raising pigs in Australia.

According to Allister Watson, Coles meat general manager, said the producers will start supplying sow stall free pork to the Coles Butcher range from 2011 which will be completely sow stall free by the end of 2014.

“For a number of months now, Coles has been working on plans with our pork producers to phase out sow stalls,” Watson said.

“As a result of these discussions, we’ve been able to develop a pork welfare model that will be better for our customers, better for our growers, and most importantly, better for pigs.”

A sow stall is a metal-barred crate that houses a single sow for all or part of her 16-week pregnancy. Measures an average of 2 m long and 60 cm wide, about a quarter of sows in Australia are kept in stalls for the full length of every pregnancy.

Coles’ has also developed a pork welfare policy in conjunction with the RSPCA, allowing the company deliver Australia’s first private label free range pork products.

The Coles free range pork comes from pigs which are born and raised on RSCPA Approved farms.

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