Coles and Woolworths still lead fresh fruit and vegetable market

Analysis of long-term market trends by analysts at Roy Morgan shows that in 2018 Australia’s two largest supermarkets captured more than 51 per cent of Australia’s $18 billion fresh fruit and vegetable market between them.

According to market analysts, Roy Morgan, the Woolworths Group with a 27.4 per cent share, up 1.3 per cent points since 2017, and Coles Group with a 23.9 per cent share, down 0.7 per cent points, had a combined share of the fresh fruit and vegetable market larger than all other retail outlets including rival supermarkets Aldi and IGA, fruit shops, markets, other supermarkets and other non-supermarkets combined.

Woolworths enjoyed stronger growth in the fresh fruit and vegetable market over the past year than rival Coles, who despite increasing their number of buyers in an average seven day period had a decrease in the share of market.

Third largest supermarket Aldi now has a 10.1 per cent share of the fresh fruit and vegetable market, up 0.6 per cent in a year – although all three have taken substantial market share from traditional fruit shops. Aldi is fast approaching as the third major supermarket group set to overtake fruit shops, which currently account for 15.8 per cent of the market.


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