The Collective launch in Australia

Having two chefs as founders, The Collective doesn’t skimp on quality of their ingredients.

Believing people deserve to be eating the best, they are proud that all three product ranges launching into the Australian market are made in Australia, by Australians, and made from some of Australia’s finest ingredients.

Co-founder Angus Allan said the company sources directly from its local farms, including organic and jersey cows.

“Our yoghurt deserves great milk and Australians deserve to be eating the best tasting yoghurt. We don’t make mass-produced, over-processed goop, our business is all about the good stuff with community being core to everything we do,” said Allan.

Straight Up

Made using single-origin jersey milk, this is a full- bodied ultra-creamy probiotic yoghurt that is sure to become a fridge staple. With no added nasties like artificial preservatives or sweeteners, The Collective’s Straight Up yoghurt is super versatile and as honest as it gets! Vegetarian friendly, gluten free and a source of protein. Available unsweetened with no added sugar or naturally sweetened with fruit.

Super Kefir 13

With its Eastern European origins, Kefir (said kuh-fear) is a cultured pourable yoghurt, made by fermenting milk with live cultures. Smooth and a little sour, it’ll tickle your tongue with its natural sparkling effervescence. With a diverse blend of 13 live cultures, selected by our founding chefs, this is a yoghurt that’ll give you some real tummy loving. Available unsweetened or naturally flavoured with fruit.

Organic Suckies

Creamy, certified organic probiotic yoghurt blended with real fruit served in a portable pouch with a child-friendly cap. With no added nasties like preservatives ‘n’ stuff, The Collective Suckies are vegetarian friendly, gluten free and a source of calcium. Supporting recycling in Australia, The Collective have partnered with REDcycle Australia for a green disposal option for used and cleaned Suckies pouches.

The Collective was founded in New Zealand in 2009 by Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav.