Colours prevent contamination

Food safety and hygiene in food processing areas extends further than just bacteria and pathogens.

With food safety and hygiene the number one issue for food processors, Fletcher International provides a new range of coloured food handling equipment, particularly useful in the baking industry, as well as other food industries.

A range of strong and durable plastic products including wheeled ingredient bins, tubs, mobiles, dollies and troughs, and sundry equipment are now available in a wide choice of colours.

The products assist companies in product segregation, for example in the case of nut and non-nut products.

The coloured tubs and lids mean that should the lids of one tub containing nuts/nut products be switched with that of another tub containing nut-free products it would be clearly spotted by workers, avoiding contamination of the nut-free product and a product recall situation.

The company says it is able to produce coloured containers in small quantities quickly and competitively.

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