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Combilift Safe-Lift raises the bar in forklift safety

Combilift has responded to universal customer needs and reduced the risk of forklift overloading with its patented Safe-Lift device.

Forklifts have long held potential for safety implications and the manufacturer prioritises constant improvement to mitigate the risks of lifting. Understanding that some operators are more aware of the risks than others, the Safe-Lift ensures there is minimal chance of unsafe operation with audible and visual alerts.

While some teams may believe their operations are already safe enough, Combilift Managing Director, Martin McVicar, says operators can never be too safe.

“We offer the Combi Safe-Lift as an option at the moment, but we believe that this simple and cost-effective system should become a standard option on all counterbalance trucks in future,” he says.

“Fitting a straightforward device such as the Combi Safe-Lift is an effective way to reduce risks for the operator and other personnel, and also to avoid product damage as well as costly repairs.”

The solution incorporates a strain sensor on the mast section of the forklift and a cut-out valve on the hydraulic line. When a forklift is potentially overloaded, this device will disable lifting.

Image: Combilift

This addition to Combilift forklifts has the potential to protect stock and staff from harm, as overloaded forklifts can pose a serious risk to all.

Forklifts can become overloaded in many ways, depending on the type, weight, height, and centre of the load. The latter is an especially important consideration, as it can greatly affect an operator’s handling of certain loads. Identifying the centre is made especially difficult when handling non-uniform or liquid loads, and the Safe-Lift is designed to suit these situations.

When an overload occurs, an audible alarm will alert the operator, and the “load moment indicator” will flash green, amber, or red, accordingly.

Combilift country manager for Australia, Chris Littlewood, says his clients Down Under have been calling out for a solution like this.

“Australia’s heavy industries are heavily regulated, and zero-harm is the goal for most of our customers,” he says.

“Thanks to the Safe-Lift, it’s safe to say that they’ll be very pleased by this option, and I expect most new orders to be fitting it.”

Of course, the Safe-Lift is designed as a failsafe and shouldn’t be relied upon to avoid all overload situations.

Chris recommends all forklift operators undergo regular training to understand what an overload may look and feel like, helping them to avoid one on the job.

“Get to know your load capacity,” he says. “Drive slow, drive low, and stay safe.”

To watch Combilift’s in-depth explainer on the Safe-Lift device, click here

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