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Committee seeks public opinion for Live Sheep Export Bill

The House Standing Committee on Agriculture has commenced an inquiry into the Export Control Amendment Bill, which will end the live sheep export trade by sea from 1 May 2028.

Two public hearings for the inquiry in Canberra and Western Australia will be held in mid-June 2024.

This new legislation, prompted by animal welfare concerns, restricts live sheep exports to air transport only. The committee will examine the provisions of the bill and its application to the live sheep export trade.

Additionally, the regulation includes provisions for Commonwealth spending to assist sheep farmers, businesses, and communities in preparing and adapting to these changes.

 Chair of the House Standing Committee, Meryl Swanson MP said the hearing will provide an opportunity for the committee to meet those most affected.

“Anyone who would like to share their views on the Bill can engage with the Committee in a number of ways including by making a written submission, or attending a public hearing where the Committee plans to hold a community statements session,” said Swanson.

Swanson emphasised Bill’s significance in fulfilling the Government’s election promise to end the live export of sheep.

The legislation provides a transition period and funding for the industry to adapt to the end of the trade, ensuring a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Interested parties are encouraged to participate actively in the inquiry process by attending public hearings, submitting written feedback, and engaging in community discussions.

This inclusive approach aims to gather diverse perspectives on the bill, ensuring that the Committee fully understands the potential impacts on all parties involved.

“There are a range of views on this issue. The Committee is looking forward to meeting and talking with stakeholders in Western Australia,” Swanson said.

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