CompAir launches SmartAir Master compressor control system

CompAir has launched the SmartAir Master, a control system that provides detailed management reports to help plant engineers improve the performance and efficiency of a compressor network.

The SmartAir Master can control up to 12 compressors, fixed or variable speed and can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 per cent, by operating all of the compressors in the network to the narrowest pressure band.

CompAir said the SmartAir Master is easily installable, with a series of on-screen prompts that guide the engineer through the set-up and confirm when each parameter has been programmed correctly.

According to the company, once each compressor is connected to the SmartAir Master, the engineer needs to enter only minimal information as the controller will identify all the units in the system and will self-programme many stages. It also provides information such as the status of each compressor connected, as well as network pressure, compressed air consumption and pressure range, all of which can be presented in graphs or tables.

Also, where of the same capacity are installed, the system will equalise running hours so that no machine is over or underused, reducing maintenance concerns and costs.


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