The Hydroflux team consists of professional scientists and engineers with more than 200 years of combined specialist water and wastewater experience and knowledge gathered from across the globe.

Together this team finds economic, efficient and environmentally friendly treatment solutions. Hydroflux is a member of the Australian Water Association and Water Industry Operators Association of Australia.

HYDROFLUX Industrial specialises in industrial wastewater treatment including designing and constructing plants and supplying equipment across all sectors.

HYDROFLUX Technology is the group’s research and development arm.

HYDROFLUX Huber is the local and exclusive supplier of Huber, a world leading German manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment, and Huber technology for the municipal market.

Hydroflux Huber is the only Australian based distributor of Hydroflux Technology, AEROSTRIP fine bubble membrane diffusers and Organica.

HYDROFLUX Utilities provides operations and maintenance services for any water or wastewater system as well as post sales support to clients. This includes spares, plant operations and chemical supplies.

CRESS consulting is an expert in sustainability for compliance or can assist with optimising a plant to reduce its environmental footprint.

Hydroflux provides access to the world’s best wastewater products, equipment and technologies including:

AquaConsult’s AEROSTRIP fine bubble membrane diffusers – the world’s most energy efficient aeration system

Flootech – Finnish-designed robust, compact, high surface area MBBR

Organica – a system that treats wastewater using a natural plant ecosystem, transforming conventional wastewater treatment plants into a greenhouse or garden

HydroThane – a European specialist in anaerobic processes

Aeromix’s award winning aeration systems

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