Compressed Air Nozzle combines strong blowing force with low noise level

The Silvent 9002W and 9005W compressed air nozzles are energy-efficient nozzles that generate a strong, efficient blowing force at an exceptionally low noise level.

Compressed air is optimally used in thes flat nozzles, which through their unique design, introduce a completely new blowing technology feature. The aerodynamic nozzle design achieves this effect by maximizing entrainment of air; when the compressed air streams out of the nozzle, there is a suction movement where the surrounding air is brought into the compressed air stream to increase total blowing force and air flow. Each orifice is also uniquely designed to optimise the entrainment area.

The Silvent 9002W and 9005W Compressed Air Nozzles are both made exclusively of Zytel, a high-performance material without which the unique and truly complex Laval orifices would not be possible. These small orifices, combined with the aerodynamic slots of the nozzles, provide high efficiency.

The materials and compact design of the Silvent 9002W Compressed Air Nozzle make it ideal for use in industries that must meet stringent requirements, such as the food industry.

With its extra wide air cone, the Silvent 9005W Compressed Air Nozzle is ideal for blowing applications that require extra blowing force.

Both the Silvent 9002W and 9005W are available from Spray Nozzle Engineering.

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