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Compressed air solutions for food & beverage manufacturing

Compressed air solutions for food & beverage manufacturing

Pilot Air has extensive experience working with the food and beverage industry with customised compressed air solutions. Food & Beverage Industry News reports.

Pilot Air has serviced the food and beverage manufacturing industry for many decades with a range of customised compressed air solutions for large and mid-sized applications.

The company’s systems form an integral part of the food and beverage manufacturing infrastructure by powering pneumatic tools, controlling, and monitoring production lines and packaging.

Within this industry, it is essential that all equipment meet stringent standards for hygiene, safety, and efficiency.

Pilot Air has the expertise to ensure its solutions exceed expectations for performance and environment without compromise.

Pilot Air’s oil-free compressors present an example of the company’s solution offerings and are already used extensively throughout food and beverage manufacturing facilities in Australia.

Constructed from the highest-grade materials, the oil-free compressors produce no oil mist and are designed using advanced coatings and materials that prevent trace or cross-contamination.

They do what they are designed to do and ensure a clean, dry air supply to meet the needs of food and beverage manufacturing businesses.

Other added benefits of Pilot Air’s oil-free compressors include low maintenance and a long lifespan, ensuring customers maximise return on investment and can forecast growth, scalability and capital expenditure with complete confidence.

Pilot Air also offers advanced electronically controlled rotary screw air compressors, fully optimised for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Designed with a high compression ratio, the rotary screw option is an ideal choice for industrial-sized food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

The Pilot Air ALTA-TEC range packs a lot of power for pneumatic tool operation and production lines. Digitally integrated with advanced electronic controllers and variable speed, these units save precious energy reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

“With both our range of products and decades long experience in the food and beverage sector, Pilot Air is uniquely placed to offer the tailored solutions needed to meet the ongoing demands of business in the industry,” said Martin Wyllie, CEO of Pilot Air Compressors.

Fitted with intelligent control, all K-MAX’s functions are entirely managed by the centralised Login electronic controller, which constantly monitors the operation of the compressor ensuring efficient and reliable operation of the machine in all conditions with customised functions.

When deciding on what is the most suitable compressed air solution for your food and beverage manufacturing operation, it is important to speak to experienced and knowledgeable experts who have a track record of delivering proven solutions.

Pilot Air’s team considers customer operations from every touchpoint and use sophisticated software diagnostics to customise the most efficient air compressor to meet your immediate needs with an eye on the future.

It is Pilot Air’s range of Australian- built air compressors, service and maintenance schedules and performance guarantees that ensure customers are set up properly from the start.

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