Connect Foods releases probiotic food range

The Connect Foods probiotic range contains the market leading shelf-stable probiotic, GanedenBC30 (BC30) that can survive freezing and boiling, making it an ideal addition for cooking, baking and roasting.

Barak Begleiter and Tony Pountney, co-directors, Connect Foods: “We started Connect Foods to make healthy food accessible, affordable and most importantly delicious. With developments in probiotic technology and also the increasing awareness of the benefits of probiotics we have focused on developing products that allow consumers to get their daily dose of gut-healthy probiotics in their everyday foods.”

“We are so excited to be able to introduce several new and innovative products to the market that will allow people to incorporate probiotics in their diets without having to sacrifice on taste and without having to break the bank.”

The probiotic used in the range is GanedenBC30. The strain has multiple clinical studies supporting the digestive benefits of consuming this probiotic, including but not limited to supporting healthy digestion, immunity and protein utilisation.

The range is shelf-stable and can survive freezing and boiling, making the range incredibly versatile.”


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