Connection-ready distribution blocks with push-in technology

Electrical engineering manufacturer, Phoenix Contact has released ready-to connect PTFIX distribution blocks with Push-in Connection Technology to provide technicians with greater convenience.

Users connect pre-treated or rigid conductors to the PTFIX distribution blocks by simply aligning and inserting the colour-coded wire to the block. Fast and simple, Phoenix Contact’s Push-In Connection Technology helps technicians save valuable time as no tools are required to connect.

Further, conductors even as small as 0.25 mm2 can be reliably connected without using tools. To disconnect or to connect stranded conductors without ferrules, technicians can simply use the push button.

The ready to connect distribution blocks, which provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for loading and controlling current distribution, can be mounted rapidly and without manual bridging to further save on time.

Plus, the various installation options – DIN rail mounting, and direct or adhesive mounting – provide users with maximum flexibility when installing their application. In addition, transverse mounting on the DIN rail enables high wiring density and space savings of up to 50 per cent.

Available in different numbers of positions and 11 colours, the PTFIX distribution blocks can be expanded as required and arranged in series without losing pitch. They can be extended with two-position standard jumpers. The devices can also be checked and marked individually for clear, intuitive and safe installation.

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