Consumers demand more ‘natural’ food products

Almost half of Australian consumers say they wished there were more ‘all-natural’ food products on the shelves, showcasing a clear gap in the market that could drive healthier bottom lines for manufacturers and retailers, research has revealed.

Findings from Nielsen’s Global Health and Ingredient-Sentiment Survey highlights that consumers are adopting a back-to-basics mindset where a focus on simple ingredients and fewer artificial or processed foods is a priority.

“Informed and savvy consumers are demanding more from the foods they eat and are happy to pay more if they believe it is better for them,” explained Michael Elam-Rye, Associate Director – Retail at Nielsen.

“This presents an opportunity for food manufacturers to increase share by offering and marketing products that are formulated with good-for-you ingredients, and an opportunity for retailers to trade consumers up with more premium priced products.”

For Australian consumers, animal products that contain antibiotics or hormones are the most worrying, with six in 10 consumers saying that they actively avoid these products.

The top 10 ingredients that Australian consumers avoid include antibiotics/hormones in animals products, MSG, artificial additives, foods with BPA packaging, sugar, genetically modified foods, and sodium.

Close to nine in 10 respondents said they avoid specific ingredients because they believe them to be harmful to their own or their family’s health; while six in 10 consumers said they are concerned about the long-term health impact of artificial ingredients in their diet.



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