Consumers from around the world prefer to buy Aussie: Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan Research has revealed – somewhat unsurprisingly – that the vast majority of Australians prefer to buy locally-produced goods. But we're not the only ones who see the value in our homegrown brands.

The research found that 88.5 percent of Australians aged 14 years or over are more likely to buy Australian-made products, with other manufacturing markets including Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the US and the UK.

Products made in the US came in at second place, with 56.2 percent, The UK also rated highly with 53.8 percent, closely followed by New Zealand, at 52.8 percent.

Countries not faring so well include Chile (9.6 percent), Indonesia (10.8 percent) and India (13 percent).

What is perhaps most interesting is the discovery that 90.7 percent of people born in the US preferring Australian-made products. Of those born here, 90.3 percent want to buy locally – a figure matched by those born in Canada.

When it comes to those born in Asia, 78.9 percent prefer Aussie goods, while 54.3 percent are likelier to buy Japanese products, 39 percent from Chile and 33.6 percent from Korea.

Norman Morris, industry communications director at Roy Morgan research, said the findings inducate that across the globe, Australia has a well-respected reputation in manufacturing.

"While there are slight variations if we take a person's country of birth into consideration, Australian-made is still consistently more popular than products manufactured elsewhere. People born in the US are especially fond of locally-produced goods, sometimes even more so than those born here.

"Not only are these results encouraging for local manufacturers, they reinforce the value of the ‘Australian-made’ angle when marketing home-grown products," he said.

So what are they buying?
When people surveyed were asked ‘For each of the following products — clothes, food, electrical goods, motor vehicles, sporting goods, wine — would you be more likely to buy it if it was labelled Made in Australia?’ 87.4 percent of the population is more likely to buy food produced here.

75.2 percent prefer to buy Australian-made clothes, but locally-manufactured cars don't hold the same appeal. Just 55.5 percent of respondents said they'd be more likely to buy a car if it was Aussie-made, with the percentage falling to 36.6 percent of people born in Asia.

Made in China
Australians are steering away from products manufactured in China, with 32.3 percent o Australians saying they prefer to buy Chinese-made clothes and only 2.9 percent claiming they prefer to buy Chinese wine, but this is unsurprising considering the popularity of Australian wines in Asia.


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