Consumers have right to know about GM

Consumers have a right to know what products on supermarket shelves contain genetically modified canola oil, say environmentalists.

In a series of submissions to a national review on food labelling – to be made public this week – a wide group of environmentalists say the packaging of food containing GM canola oil should clearly say so.

The director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research, Judy Carman, said consumers have no way of identifying a number of products in households containing GM canola oil.

GM canola is grown in NSW and Victoria and is used in oil form in food including margarine, biscuits, and other snack foods.

Under the national standards for GM labelling, established in 2001, GM canola oil does not need to be identified.

Dr Carman, a former senior epidemiologist for the South Australian Government, said some livestock were fed genetically modified grains, which recent scientific evidence showed was later showing up in small traces in meat products not labelled as containing GM products.

Victorian group, Gene Ethics, said health and safety must be at the forefront of food labelling.

Source: SMH

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