Consumers prefer glass over other packaging

74% of consumers prefer glass packaging for food products a European survey has found.

Consumers rate glass as their top packaging material for food and beverage products, a recent survey has found.

The Federation of European Glass survey showed that a huge 74 per cent of the 6,200 households across 12 European countries involved favoured glass packaged products over other materials.

It was noted that nine out of ten people knew glass could be endlessly recycled without losing its quality or performance and 82 per cent of the consumers said they were active glass recyclers.

FEVE (The European Container Glass Federation) president Dominic Tombeur said that Europeans found glass the most recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging material.

“They choose glass because it preserves taste and protects against contamination. It is an important affirmation that consumers see glass as a packaging gold standard.

”The survey’s statistics back up these claims as 48 per cent believe glass to be the safest packaging for health reasons and just over half of the consumers questioned felt that glass preserves the taste best.”

He said consumers also believed that products packaged in glass were prestigious – 81% of UK consumers felt that glass packaged products enhanced the experience of a ‘special occasion’.

“It is to be hoped that packaging specifiers and brand owners will take note that there is a demand for more glass packaging and start to reflect this public mood,” British Glass director general David Workman said.

“Given the results of the survey I trust that those who wish to enhance their brands will look afresh at the attributes that make glass the public’s favourite packaging material.

”These results support figures calculated after British Glass carried out a similar survey two years ago, which saw three quarters of the 1000 people questioned favour glass as the most natural form of packaging.”

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