Contactless RFiD safety sensor to protect employees

Creating a safe and efficient work environment is of paramount importance to every business owner and plant manager all across the globe. As the danger level presented by industrial equipment increases, so, too, must the strength of the solutions put in place to keep those areas safe and secure.

Installing the new XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor from Telemecanique Sensors provides industrial companies with a high level of safety-certified sensor protection, allowing employers to effectively seal off areas in the work zone that are dangerous. At the same time, the design of the new XCSR safety sensor essentially safeguards that company’s employees against any tampering with that protection system. Finally, these features are provided by the XCSR with a bare minimum of installation effort. A single safety solution that provides multiple benefits.

A high certified safety level: The new XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor is TUV-certified with a Cat4/PLe – SIL3 rating. This essentially means that when users install the XCSR RFiD safety sensor, the dangerous machine area is sealed off by a product with the highest rated safety level. It sends a message to employees that their safety is of utmost importance.

An essentially tamper-proof system: The sensor not only enhances safety because of it’s high performance rating, it also enhances safety because it is virtually tamper-proof. The ready-to-use transponder and reader are factory-paired and sold together with a unique, high-level coding which is virtually impossible to bypass or disrupt. Once this safety system is in place, it’s functionality can’t be altered.

Easy mounting and flexibility: The best part of the new XCSR contactless RFiD safety switch is that installing it is as easy as the decision to take advantage of its safety benefits. The XCSR allows different mounting configurations, comes with an adjustable transponder sensing face, and allows numerous mounting configurations with only one product reference.

The new XCSR contactless RFiD safety switch from Telemecanique Sensors offers three different connection types to fit virtually any type of industrial environment. All three connection types are configured with unique codes and provide a PLe/Cat4 – SIL3 level of protection.