Continental working to eliminate food waste

Unilever’s iconic Australian food brand, Continental is partnering with local innovator and start-up RipeNear.Me to help eliminate food waste.

Continental’s plan involves encouraging home cooks to use surplus produce from local growers in their communities and work towards ensuring 100 per cent of the vegetables, meat, herbs and spices used in their products are sourced sustainably by 2020.

Together, Continental and RipeNear.Me are bringing freshness and local flavour to Australia’s favourite meals and connecting backyard growers, sellers and traders with everyday home cooks to help them make responsible choices.

A specially-developed app, available on both the Continental and RipeNear.Me websites, makes it easier for Australians to use home-grown produce to prepare flavourful everyday meals. Consumers can simply visit the Continental website, select the Continental recipe they want to make, and when they enter their postcode RipeNear.Me will help them source fresh home-grown ingredients to create their dish. Likewise, when users put their postcode into the app to discover all of the local produce on their doorstep, RipeNear.Me will suggest some of Continental’s delicious recipes that will make use of these ingredients.

The partnership is the collaborative work of Continental and the Unilever Foundry, an entry-point for tech innovative companies seeking to connect with Unilever. In a bid to build and cultivate strategic partners for the future, the Foundry invited international start-ups to pitch as part of a rigorous pitch process. RipeNear.Me won with their impressive platform, network and brand synergies with Continental.

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