Control, accuracy and hygiene

For food and beverage manufacturers, efficiency isn’t the only priority. Inoxpa Australia offers a range of seat valves that deliver not only reliability and accuracy, but also hygiene. 

While valves, pumps, agitators, vessels and so forth are essential to food processing operations, they can also pose a hygiene threat. Such machinery with its various surfaces, cracks and crevices can provide an ideal home for microbes to thrive.

It is critically important, therefore, for food and beverage manufacturers to only use hygienically engineered components in all their processing operations.

All components should be made of a suitable hygienic material, such as stainless steel and also be easy to clean. They should not offer a place for micro-organisms to survive.

Ensuring that all machinery and components meet these crucial standards is best addressed during the design stage. As a rule, upgrading machinery to meet hygiene requirements is difficult and costly. The best components are those that have been designed with food safety standards in mind.

High performance seat valves

Seat valves, pneumatically-controlled devices that are used to precisely control high flows of liquid, are found in various food processing and dairy applications and elsewhere.

Within this space, Inoxpa Australia offers the Innova range of valves, which not only meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food and beverage sector, but are also designed to guarantee no leakage or mixing of fluids during operation.

The Innova P-type valve is a pneumatic shut-off double seat valve that is designed according to the recommendations of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), a European-based organisation dedicated to hygienic design for the food sector.

The valve features a leakage chamber, situated between the two “seats”, which is under atmospheric pressure. As the seats are moved they open or close flow, ensuring a safe interface between the two liquids, one of which is usually a cleaning in place (CIP) solution. The leakage chamber can be cleaned by independent lifting of the seats during the CIP cleaning of the line.

Also produced according to EHEDG recommendations, the Innova K-type valve has a gasket designed to facilitate cleaning and also ensure reliability under adverse working conditions. Its valve can be changed to normally open by simply reversing the position of the single-acting pneumatic actuator.

Both valves feature a single-acting pneumatic actuator as well as a 360° adjustable body. Assembly/disassembly of internal parts involves loosening of a clamp fastener; and an open lantern allows for the easy visual inspection of the shaft sealing.

Within the food and beverage sector there can sometimes be a trade-off between performance and food safety.

The Innova range strikes the right balance between these two imperatives, delivering reliable operation and hygiene.

Founded in Spain, Inoxpa is a long-standing business group. Apart from valves, the company also specialises in the manufacture and trade of a range of other stainless steel components, including pumps, agitators and blenders; as well as the management of processes and services for various industries.

A commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed

Inoxpa to enter the global market without compromising its product quality or customer relations. The company counts many prominent food and dairy processors, both in Australia and overseas, as client

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