Convenient beverage closures

Unique Class Plastics Australia (UCPA), a company that started four years ago, has broken into the plastic beverage closure business and secured contracts from Cadbury Schweppes in Victoria, Australia’s second largest soft drink and bottled water producer, with its patented European closure.

The closure was made by Europe’s leading manufacturer of moulds (Gefit Spa, Italy), and tested in the harsh Australian markets with the support of Cadbury Schweppes.

With modifications to suit the special needs of the Australian market, Cadbury Schweppes is solely purchasing UCPA’s 28mm plastic bore seal closure for both CSB & water.

Tamper-evident and convenient

Cadbury Schweppes were looking for a supplier that could supply the latest European innovation but it had to be an environmentally friendly product.

This meant the closure had to be lighter (for less landfill), as taint free as possible (UCPA’s closures are 1/10,000 of the maximum taint allowed) and recyclable.

UCPA’s European design has an internal cork so that it takes almost two thirds of a turn for the closure to allow egress or ingress to the bottle by which time the tamper ring has been distorted or broken.

This closure has another advantage in that a normal wadded closure requires the cap to be screwed down fairly tightly to reseal.

UCPA’s soft seal closures’ internal cork means that the bottle is resealed with far less torque, for consumer ease.

The company is already developing 38mm closures and lightweight water closures and its capacity is growing towards the target of one billion closures per year.

The company is now able to take on substantial new business rivalling off-shore competition.

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