Conveyor belt system handles products with care

Keeping the tea leaves in the tea bags is key. That’s a requirement Modu System knows all too well as it deals with large tea manufacturers worldwide. The company provides conveyor systems to companies such as Lipton Tea. Modu System Australia director CS Tan said that with conveyors in a number of Lipton Tea factories, working with fragile products has proven to be a strong area for his company.

“The majority of the Lipton Tea conveyor installations worldwide are done by us,” he said.
Being able to handle products such as tea bags is important as they are more delicate and not all conveyers will pull through with the same results, said Tan. Modu provides flexible production flows and high throughput with an electrical and pneumatic control system, which is vital when controlling empty and filled tea bag boxes to ensure their flawless movement between processes, he said.

Modu is also able to help with other fragile products with its gripper conveyor system. This includes assisting companies with shifting and packing bottles and aluminium cans.

“Aluminium tin cans are very soft and easy to damage,” said Tan. “If it’s coming out of the depalletiser system and the tin can has to be moved from a low end to a high end, it needs to move without being damaged. The gripper system grabs it without causing damage.”
The machine grips it firmly but not too tightly to ensure no dents or punctures are created, he said.

“We have 20 years of experience in conveyor lines and automation, including gripping systems that are suitable for any kind of product.” The Modu Group was formed in Singapore in 1995 and Modu System Australia was established in Sydney in 2017 as the company’s sixth office.

Tan said that despite being an international manufacturer, Modu is able to supply the Australian market with affordable yet quality products. “We make everything ourselves, therefore we are able to provide a good product that’s cost effective. We are not that high in price compared to bigger players, yet we offer the same experience.

“We are here to make sure the customers enjoy the advantage of the prices while they still get great quality. We help them grow,” said Tan. For many conveyor suppliers, the modular chains or belts and accessories are purchased from other suppliers while the structures are made in-house, meaning several parties are involved. However, Modu manufactures its own range of modular chains, belts, beams and accessories, said Tan. “This simply provides us the control over the quality of our conveyors and cost advantage over other conveyor suppliers.”

Modu’s product offering in Australia includes modular conveyor systems, spiral conveyors, automatic guided vehicles and customised automated machines. The company has distributors located throughout Australia and local technicians are always on standby to service customers’ needs.

“We are also able to support our customers globally through our global offices located in USA, UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia and India,” said Tan.