Coopers Brewery lands Japanese beer deal

One of Japan’s most popular beers, Sapporo, is to be brewed by Australian owned Coopers Brewery and distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

A contract between Coopers and Sapporo was signed at Sapporo’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, yesterday by Coopers’ Managing Director, Dr Tim Cooper, Premium Beverages’ Managing Director, Mr Bruce Siney, and Mr Yoshi Mochida, President & CEO of Sapporo International.

Under the terms of the agreement, Coopers will brew Sapporo Premium Beer at its Regency Park brewery in Adelaide, with sales and distribution to be undertaken by Coopers’ subsidiary, Premium Beverages, from October 1.

“It is the first major contract brewing arrangement to be undertaken by Coopers since moving to Regency Park in 2001, although we have been brewing Carlsberg’s ultra low alcohol beer, Birell, since 1977,” Dr Cooper said.

Dr Cooper said Sapporo Premium is a clean, crisp tasting lager with refined bitterness, which is becoming increasingly popular world-wide, and will be available in 355ml bottles, 650ml cans, and 50 litre kegs.

“We have been in discussions with Sapporo about this contract since last year, and have hosted a number of visits from Sapporo representatives to inspect our facilities,” he said.

“The technical interchange in Australia and in Japan with the Sapporo brewers has been both encouraging and informative. I look forward to a long future working together in pursuing brewing excellence, and a strong market position through Premium Beverages for the Sapporo brand in Australia and New Zealand.”

Mr Siney said it was anticipated around 160,000 cases of Sapporo would be sold in the first year, with sales expected to reach 500,000 cases within five years and would enhance the portfolio of beers distributed by Premium Beverages.

Sapporo was founded in Japan in 1876, and currently has four breweries in Japan, four in Canada, and one in Vietnam currently under construction. In 2006, it purchased Canadian brewer, Sleeman.

Sapporo’s world-wide production is around 800 million litres of beer a year.


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