Coopers Pale Ale getting cans

Coopers Brewery is releasing Coopers Original Pale Ale in a can from August.

Coopers sales and marketing director, Cam Pearce, said Coopers Original Pale Ale is market leader of the total pale ale market in Australia with 32.5 per cent share.

“With increasing consumer demand for a can format, now is the right time to release our flagship product in a can,” he said.

“Consumer demand ‎for beer in cans has accelerated over the past few years as we see cans appealing to a wider audience and also for those occasions where drinkers are looking for the versatility and convenience that a can format offers.”

Pearce said Coopers had been encouraged to offer the new can format for its Pale Ale on the back of the recent and highly successful launch of Session Ale in both bottles and cans, and the great uptake of the can offering in the product mix.

He said that as a result of Coopers Original Pale Ale being released in cans, the Dr Tim’s brand would be retired from the Coopers portfolio.

The new 375ml cans are the same price as 375ml bottles, although may vary at retail with promotional activity.


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