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Coopers reveals new look for 2023 vintage ale

Coopers reveals new look for 2023 vintage ale

Coopers Brewery has updated its Vintage Ale packaging to reflect the brewery’s new brand design ahead of the seasonal ale’s 2023 release.

The new packaging also features premium elements that befit Vintage Ale’s position in the premium craft category.

Each year, the Coopers brewing team creates a unique, premium-quality craft style beer that is characterised by its hop selection and highly anticipated by beer lovers around the country.

The limited-edition Coopers 2023 Vintage Ale features American hop Talus which provides intense fruity and floral flavours.

In keeping with the heritage of Vintage Ale, this year’s release is a full-bodied, extra-strong ale sitting at 65 IBU and an alcohol level of 7.5 per cent ABV.

Coopers managing director and chief brewer, Dr Tim Cooper, said the 2023 Vintage Ale continues the brewery’s tradition of producing highly popular annual seasonal releases.

“Australian drinkers have a real thirst for seasonal brews, and we expect loyal Coopers drinkers will be exceptionally pleased with this year’s Vintage Ale release,” Dr Cooper said.

“A rich, balanced and full-bodied ale, the 2023 Vintage drinks well immediately, and if stored under cellar conditions will evolve and develop to become more complex over time.

“The flavour hero of the 2023 Vintage is Talus, a dual-purpose American hop that delivers bold aromas of citrus and berries, with grapefruit, stone fruit, coconut, and pine on the palate.

“As with every Coopers Vintage release, only a limited number of kegs and cartons are available so drinkers should get in early to ensure they don’t miss out.

“The long heritage of Coopers Brewery’s Vintage Ales has generated a legion of fans across the country, and we know they will be eager to taste this latest release.”

Coopers 2023 Vintage Ale is the 23rd in a series of Vintage Ales that commenced in 1998.

Like all Coopers ales, Vintage Ale undergoes secondary fermentation and natural conditioning.

Released in the lead up to Father’s Day, Coopers 2023 Vintage Ale will be available in liquor outlets from late July in 355mL bottles, 6-packs and 24-pack cartons. Vintage Ale will also be available for a limited time on tap at selected venues around the country.

The Vintage Ale honours the pinnacle of brewing at Coopers, and is characterised by the hop selection.

The 2023 Coopers Vintage Ale features Talus, an American dual-purpose hop giving intense aromas of citrus and berries, with grapefruit, stone fruit, coconut, and pine on the palate.

It is perfect to drink now, or if stored under cellar conditions, it will become more complex over time as the flavours evolve and develop.

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