Copycat Coles? The striking similarities between Coles’ home brand products and other brands

Some striking similarities have been revealed between the packaging of well-known food products and the home brand options being produced by supermarkets.

The question over the rights to bottles and other packaging has become increasingly complicated and only last week Coke was suing Pepsi for using a bottle too similar to its own.

If it is found that Pepsi did indeed steal something that belonged to Coke when it released its bottle, it could have huge consequences for other industries, not only food.

There is only ever going to be a certain amount of bottle designs, for example, that will serve the purpose of the packaging, which is to contain the liquid in the best possible condition until it is opened and able to be poured into your mouth.

So with an ever-increasing number of food and beverage manufacturers entering the market, it could spell disaster as more and more designs would presumably be bought up by the big corporations.

Mumbrella has conducted research into the similarities in Coles’ packaging of home brand products and other established ones and reported the findings on its website in “The amazing Coles product lookalikes.”

Image: Mumbrella

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