Coravin opens new Sydney HQ and launches Pivot Wine Preservation System


Coravin, a wine technology company based in Massachusetts, has announced it is expanding further into global markets, opening its new Oceania headquarters in Sydney. 

The new Sydney warehouse spans 5,000 square metres and will onboard a local Australian team to continue driving the brand’s growth within one of its fastest growing markets. 

Since its introduction to the Australian hospitality scene in 2017, the demand for Coravin devices has increased by 30 per cent year on year and influenced its consumer market to grow in tandem. 

“The growth we’ve experienced in just a few short years in the Australia and New Zealand market has been incredible,” Coravin Australia and New Zealand market director Gary Olasz said. 

“To improve delivery time and elevate our customer service experience, we knew a dedicated warehouse and on-ground team were essential to this success.” 

With its new Australian headquarters, Coravin aims to more than double its active users in the hospitality and consumer market by 2026. 

The company’s expansion comes in time for the launch of its most compact and affordable wine preservation tool in Australia, the Pivot Wine Preservation System. 

Slim and sleek, the Pivot promises to keep still wine fresh for up to four weeks. Unlike other Coravin devices, this innovative tool uses a stopper to seal the bottle, which is compatible with all still wine closure types and bottle shapes. 

The Pivot Wine Preservation System combines preservation with aeration, delivering a more aromatic and flavourful wine with the included Pivot Aerator attachment. 

Coravin’s patented technology replaces poured wine with the same food-grade argon gas used in the bottling process, preventing oxidation and preserving wine quality from the first pour to the last sip. 

The Coravin products empower consumers to explore the world of wine at any level. Founded in 2011 by a passionate team of wine aficionados, the company is committed to enhancing the wine experience and reducing wastage at every opportunity. 


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