Cortec unveils biodegradable VCI paper with Eco-Bio technology


The Cortec best-selling CorShield VpCI-146 paper just got better for the environment with the addition of Eco-Bio technology.  

As packaging pollution becomes an increasing concern in today’s society, Cortec has been looking into ways to keep the environment cleaner while offering top-quality corrosion protection.  

CorShield VpCI-146 paper with Eco-Bio technology does that by enhancing the biodegradable and compostable characteristics of a naturally sourced paper that provides reliable corrosion protection on both sides. 

CorShield VpCI-146 Paper brings the circular economy of responsible sourcing and disposal to reality in more than one way.  

To start with, CorShield VpCI-146 is a USDA Certified Biobased Product that contains 92 per cent USDA certified biobased content. Furthermore, it is made from 100 per cent recycled content paper, doubling its sustainable sourcing.  

At the end of the product life cycle, CorShield VpCI-146 has multiple disposal options. First, it is recyclable and repulpable, giving users the option of sending it for reprocessing into new paper products. Second, and most recently, it is designed to be commercially compostable. Not long ago, the paper underwent compostable disintegration testing according to ASTM D6868 in Cortec laboratories.  

The product disintegrates in 10 weeks, faster than the duration allowed by the ASTM method.  

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