Introduction to automation for Asian food manufacturers

HMPS, a leading Australian machine builder who specialise in customised end of line packaging machinery, will be exhibiting in the Australian Pavilion at Propak Asia 2017.

According to Linh Bui, Business Development Manager at HMPS, the company will be showcasing an end of line packaging machine which is perfect for food producers who are new to automation.

“The HMPS 6000 End Load Cartoner is used to package dairy snacks. The end of the line is automated, however the machine allows for manual infeed” comments Linh.

“We have found that customers have an increased need for automation while taking into consideration the human element of their business. They also need machinery with a small footprint which is adaptable to their operating environment.”

Machines and automation are able to increase productivity to a level which is just not possible with human resources. According to Bui, some companies who go for this type of automation machine find themselves in that precarious position in between growth phases. Automation is needed to take them to the next level. The HMPS 6000 End Load Cartoner, which will be on display, has the ability to pack up to 100 products per minute which translates to 25 cartons per minute. This type of automation would make a huge productivity and profit impact to any customer’s business.

Linh, who specialises in dealing with the Asian market adds that many Asian food companies are looking towards automation to manage the increased volumes of output required in the food manufacturing environment, while adhering to safety and hygienic requirements of the industry. HMPS designs customised solutions based on the customer’s requirement. There is no one size fits all and their team of engineers will develop a design around the application.

“Australia and Asia is similar in that the machines are required to do multiple functions and has to be easy to set up for various product lines. HMPS specialises in designing for this type of flexibility” comments Bui.

“We suggest automation to eliminate end-of-line labour constraints. In this instance, our recommended solution delivers an expected lifespan of at least 15 years, and the availability of local parts and servicing would minimise running costs over its life. An ROI both in labour and material savings calculated that this machine would be offset within 3-4 years in the Asian economy.”

HMPS invites interested customers to view the model on display and discuss their unique end of line packaging requirements with Linh Bui and Mark Emmett (Managing Director HMPS) who will be at Propak.

HMPS will exhibiting the HMPS 6000 End Load Cartoner on stand AM31 during Propak Asia.


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