Councils bans battery eggs

The Launceston City Council has become the third in Tasmania to ban the use of battery eggs in its catering.

Alderman Jeremy Ball raised the motion by saying that the council should take a leading role against animal cruelty.

The motion was passed by 6 votes to 5, but was amended to say free range eggs will be used “whenever possible”.

Similar bans have been enforced by the Hobart and Clarence City Councils in the state’s south.

The changes take place at the same time as America’s egg producers go online to help consumers learn more about modern egg production.

Organised by United Egg Producers, a trade association representing the majority of US egg farmers, the site is described as an informative and educational resource for those who make egg purchasing decisions.

The site also enables visitors to search expanded sections that offer in-depth, behind-the-scenes information about egg farming, its history and safety guidelines.

“Shoppers have many options when it comes to buying eggs and they are looking for the most current information that will help them make an informed decision,” said Gene Gregory, president of United Egg Producers. “ helps Americans learn about the dedication of egg farmers, the steps they take to safeguard their products and their commitment to animal welfare under the UEP Certified program.”

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