Count down to 3rd Australian Food Safety Conference

There is less than a month to go until the 3rd Australian Food Safety Conference, which will be held from 7-9 September in Melbourne.

It will showcase experts from across the country and around the world discussing the latest in global food safety, including emerging food safety challenges.  

According to Ann Astin, chair of the conference committee, it is the only conference by food safety regulators for food safety regulators, consumers and industry.

“We are in an era where consumers want safer food and industry wants reduced compliance costs. Hear how regulators are rising to the challenge of underpinning the relationship between consumers and industry through harnessing sound science and clear policy frameworks that combine to drive cost-effective interventions,” Astin said.

Key speakers will include: Bill Marler, attorney, Marler Clark USA; Robert Brackett, senior vice president, Grocery Manufacturers of America; John Humphrey, University of Sussex UK; Junshi Chen, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, China; and Alyson Smith, Centre for Radiation Chemicals and Environmental Hazards Health Protection Agency, UK.

The Conference will also showcase presentations from the Department of Health and Ageing, Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), Choice, Icon Global Link, Simplot Australia, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, CSIRO Food and Nutrition Services and New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

For further information on AFSC 2010 please visit www.afsc2010.com.au.

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