Country of origin survey closes tomorrow

The government’s country of origin labelling online survey for consumers closes tomorrow, 3 July.

Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash said regional and rural Australians had been raising country of origin issues with her for the entire decade she’d been in parliament.

“Country of origin labelling is an issue many rural and regional Australians are extremely passionate about,” Minister Nash said.

“Australians know our local produce is the cleanest and greenest on the planet. Our farmers grow their food to strict environmental conditions and pay good money for labour.

“I think most people believe Australians have a right to accurate, clear and concise labels on their food.

“The online country of origin labelling survey allows consumers to choose which format they think is best for the new labels, or to make their own suggestions.

“If consumers want a say in country of origin labelling, here is the opportunity.”

The survey puts forward six country of origin label designs, each which display the amount of local ingredients in different ways.

The government has completed a two month industry consultation process, and are now asking for consumer feedback.

The online survey can be found on the Department of Industry and Science website.


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