Cowra cannery worker’s plea to Dick Smith

A worker from the collapsed Cowra cannery, part of the Windsor Food Factory which went into administration earlier this month, has called on Aussie entrepreneur Dick Smith to help salvage the brand.

Pam Marsh has worked at the cannery for 17 years, and told The Illawarra Mercury she hopes Smith will be able to convince Aldi to purchase the cannery, as he alluded to in a recent radio interview.

"That's what I'm hoping for and from all indications that could happen," Marsh said, who appeared in Smith’s controversial Australia Day ad campaign.

The last Australian-owned cannery went into voluntary administration on Tuesday and many of the 70-plus employees are owed entitlements including superannuation and pay for working Monday and Tuesday of the week the company’s collapse was announced.

Smith referred to the Windsor Farm’s demise as an unnecessary “disaster.”

He said Australians are willing to pay more for locally produced goods, with Smith’s beetroot product, canned in Cowra, selling “incredibly well”, and it’s for this reason that Windsor Farm’s collapse is so hard to comprehend.

“I don’t have any solution,” he said. "It is just part of extreme capitalism [to] completely destroy our economic system."

Another concern for the company is its tired infrastructure and the presence of asbestos, the ABC reports.

Windsor Farm spokesperson, Trevor Pogroske said "I guess it's important for everybody to understand these buildings are over 70 years old in some cases and we've got a lot of asbestos issues here.

"People that are buying it will be very, very conscious of the fact if they want to upgrade the buildings it's going to be very expensive to deal with.”


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