Cows Might Fly – The Best Way to Predict The Future Is To Create It

A surprising take on the future of food by Wiley.

 Wiley has released a clip, Cows Might Fly, at Food and Grocery Australia 2018 hosted by the Australian Food and Grocery Council in Melbourne. Best described as a “what the…” moment, Wiley launch a surprising take on the future of the food industry, designed to provoke meaningful conversation and salute unconventional thinking.

This clip takes a jarring peek into a not so likely future. It seeks to remind that the way industries work is bound for change and thinking too must change with it. It paints a quirky picture of vertical integration and disruption of one of Australia’s major industries and aims inspire everyone who watches it to make a difference.

We would LOVE to hear your feedback on this new video. Watch it here: