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Crafting excellence in every bottle

In the vast landscape of wine production, where every bottle tells a story, Handpicked Wines aims for excellence and innovation in its products.

In the picturesque landscapes of Australia’s renowned wine regions, where vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, lies the story of Handpicked Wines.

Since its inception, this Australian-based company has been on a mission to redefine the way people experience wine, not just offering a product but an unforgettable journey through taste, tradition, and terroir. Which is the unique combination of soil, climate, and geography that gives each wine its distinct personality. 

We delve into the journey of Handpicked Wines with William Dong, CEO of Handpicked Wines, uncovering the secrets behind their success and the values that drive their pursuit
of perfection.

Handpicked Wines was born out of a deep-rooted passion for quality and a desire to share exceptional wines with the world. 

Founded in 2003 by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds but a common love for wine, the company set out to create a brand that would reflect their commitment to craftsmanship
and authenticity.

From the very beginning, Handpicked Wines has been dedicated to sourcing grapes from the finest vineyards across Australia and beyond. 

At the heart of Handpicked Wines is a deep-seated love for wine, particularly Australian varieties. The founder’s journey into the world of wine began long before the establishment of Handpicked Wines, fuelled by a fascination with the diverse flavours and aromas that each bottle held.

It was this passion that eventually led to the creation of Handpicked Wines, a testament to the founder’s unwavering dedication to the craft.

One of the defining characteristics of Handpicked Wines is their hands-on approach to winemaking. Recognising the importance of being intimately involved in every step of the process, from grape to bottle, Handpicked Wines has forged close relationships with growers and vineyard owners across Australia.

By sourcing grapes from specific regions renowned for their distinct varieties, they ensure that each wine reflects the unique terroir of its origin.

Each grape is handpicked at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that only the best fruit makes its way into the winery. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in every bottle, with each one showcasing the unique characteristics of its terroir.

One of the key hallmarks of Handpicked Wines is its exploration of terroir. 

The company’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of varietals, each sourced from carefully selected vineyards that typify the best of their region.

Whether it’s a crisp chardonnay from the cool climate of Tasmania or a Shiraz from the vineyards of the Barossa Valley, every wine in the Handpicked collection tells a story of its origin. 

By celebrating the diversity of terroir, the company invites wine lovers to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring new flavours and regions with every sip.

Handpicked Wines has gained invaluable insights into the terroir and microclimates that shape each wine, allowing them to create truly exceptional expressions of
Australian wine.

While Handpicked Wines is deeply rooted in tradition, it is also committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The company embraces both time-honoured winemaking techniques and cutting-edge technology, allowing it to achieve the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Whether it’s experimenting with new grape varietals, exploring alternative fermentation methods, or pioneering sustainable practices in the vineyard, Handpicked Wines is always looking for ways to push the envelope and create wines that are both timeless and contemporary.

Constantly pushing the boundaries to elevate the art of winemaking.

Handpicked Wines understands the importance of preserving the natural environment for future generations. That’s why the company is committed to sustainable practices in every aspect of its operations, from vineyard management to packaging and distribution.

A key example of this approach is Handpicked Wines’ achieving ‘Certified Member’ status for all six of its vineyards with Sustainable Growing Australia. 

The certified status update follows an intensive review of Handpicked Wines’ practices in the vineyards and Mornington Peninsula-based winery, with electricity use and biodiversity across its 82.8 hectares under vine being a key focus on the company’s sustainability journey.

Achieving the status allows sustainability-conscious consumers to be aware of and support growers and makers committed to producing wine that will reduce environmental impact and protect people and communities across Australia. 

“Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is a program to support continuous improvement, and receiving this Certification only marks the start of our journey – one that tells a story of long-term commitment and our dedication to improving our performance year on year,” said Peter Dillon, Handpicked Wines’ chief winemaker. 

“Achieving this status shows we’re not just talking the talk, but walking the walk in becoming a sustainable business. Being a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia allows us to benchmark our performance across our sites and multiple regions and set company goals to improve every year.”

By minimising water usage, reducing carbon emissions, and investing in renewable energy, Handpicked Wines is working to minimise its environmental footprint and ensure that its wines are not just delicious but also environmentally responsible.

In a world where mass production often takes precedence over craftsmanship, Handpicked Wines stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, quality, and sustainability come together. 

With its dedication to sourcing the finest grapes, exploring terroir, embracing innovation, and promoting sustainability, the company continues to set the standard for excellence in the world of wine. 

With certifications for organic and biodynamic wine making, they are leading the way in environmentally conscious practices. 

From vineyard management to packaging, every aspect of their operations is guided by a commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

Through initiatives such as clean-up days and recyclable materials, Handpicked Wines is making strides towards a more sustainable future for the wine industry.

The detailed approach of Handpicked Wines is also a major benefit to consumers by presenting them with the flavours they crave, and new drops to test. 

While upholding consistency and quality across their portfolio, Handpicked Wines also embrace innovation, introducing new styles and varieties to delight the palates of wine enthusiasts. 

By staying attuned to consumer trends and preferences, Handpicked Wines ensures that their wines continue to resonate with their audience, creating memorable experiences with every sip. 

As Handpicked Wines continues to make its mark on the Australian wine landscape, one thing remains abundantly clear: their unwavering commitment to passion, quality, and sustainability. With each bottle, they invite wine lovers on a journey of discovery, celebrating the richness and diversity of Australian wines.

Handpicked Wines isn’t just crafting wines; they’re crafting experiences that linger on the palate and in the memory, a true testament to the artistry and dedication that define their brand.

From the vineyard to the cellar, every decision is made with the singular goal of producing wines of unparalleled quality. This commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulous attention to detail, their relentless pursuit of perfection, and their willingness to go above and beyond to create wines that captivate the palate and elevate the senses.

With several trophies and hundreds of accolades to its name, Handpicked Wines has earned a reputation as a top site-specific producer vintage after vintage in Australia and worldwide. 

It has held a coveted James Halliday 5-Red-Star-Winery rating since 2014 and has been recognised as a Top Winery of Australia by The Real Review for five consecutive years and the company expects to continue its growth trajectory. 

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