Crazy Domain: Small businesses benefitted from COVID-19

The annual report titled The Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021 found that while small Australian food and beverage businesses were the most the disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, they also were most likely to adapt and benefit.

The report was published by Crazy Domains, with the survey being taken by 752 Australian small business owners and 1, 001 Australian consumers.

Mark Evans, Dreamscape Networks (Crazy Domains’ owner) CEO, stated the study saw almost half the small businesses change their marketing, sales or business plan during the pandemic.

“While they were the most disrupted industry, they were also the most likely to adapt with two in three changing their approach to their business, sales or marketing, as a result of the pandemic,” said Evans. “More surprising though, is that we found that many food and beverage small businesses identified themselves as winners.”

The study also focused on the impact of online activity on these businesses.

Evans said, “Crazy Domain’s annual study of online activity in Australia unsurprisingly confirmed the pandemic has accelerated online activity for Australian small businesses and consumers.”

While over 40 per cent of the small businesses did report an overall loss of customers, the pandemic pushed small businesses into digitalising and investing in websites or online marketing.

“That activity, coupled with innovations from new takeaway menus to home delivery, meal kits, outdoor dining and more, meant they’ve not only survived but many have thrived,” Evans said.

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