Cybake signs up Aussie pie man as brand ambassador

Cybake bakery software has signed up Australian baking industry celebrity Shaun Pyne, better known as Pyney the Pie Man, as a brand ambassador.

Two years ago, Shaun Pyne set out on a mission to visit every bakery/café across the vast continent of Australia. His purpose? To find out the story behind each one and, specifically, to review the Aussie meat pies they offer.

So far, Shaun has visited an incredible three hundred bakeries and counting, spanning thousands of miles across all six states. He records all his travels on his popular website, Pyney’s Pie Reviews.

For the uninitiated, the Aussie meat pie, often described as a national dish, consists of a hand-sized pastry casing filled with minced or diced meat and gravy. With its roots in northern English cuisine, it is often eaten as a takeaway snack.

Cybake is a bakery management software system that has been adopted by wholesale and retail bakeries across Australia since becoming available in the country in February 2022. Cybake manages everything from orders to invoicing, recipes, production, shop management, waste control, deliveries, and more.

Commenting on his new role, Shaun Pyne said, “I am excited and privileged to be an ambassador for a company which, I believe, is the leader in the bakery software market.”

Josalyn Price, Cybake’s Head of Commercial Operations in Australia & New Zealand, said, “we are really pleased to welcome Pyney to the Cybake family. We love the way Pyney’s pie project supports Australia’s independent bakeries because that’s what we’re all about too.”

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