Dairy production for China begins

Pactum Dairy Group (Pactum) and China’s Bright Dairy has begun initial production of U+, which is to be shipped to China as a part of the duo’s strategic supply agreement.

The 250mL dairy product U+, will be the first Australian based high quality dairy product manufactured for a major Chinese dairy company under its own brand.

U+ will be marketed on Australia’s reputation for high quality dairy product, and will be launched in China in August.

Managing director of Freedom Foods, Rory Macleod said “Australia has a unique advantage in the supply and manufacture of high quality premium agriculture based foods. With increasing demand from markets in China and SE Asia for high quality value added product, Australia through companies such as Pactum, is well placed to play an important role in this supply chain.

Pactum, has recently commissioned the Shepparton based $45m UHT (Aseptic dairy beverage facility aimed at manufacture of value added dairy beverages for key customers in China and SE Asia.


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